Time and again, it’s has been said that backing up our data is a good idea. And, the same goes for the email as well.  You may want to archive your email every so often, such as monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. In the post below will show you how to create an archive folder in Outlook. Usually your email is stored in a .pst file. To create an archive email, we will be moving the email into an archive .pst file.

Always note when you archive your email into additional .pst file, all the email you select to archive is moved into the archive file and is no longer obtainable in the main .pst file.

  • To initiate archiving your email, get on the “File” tab on the ribbon.
  • On the Account Information screen, click the “Cleanup Tool” button next to “Mailbox Cleanup.”
  • Select “Archive…” from the drop-down menu.

The Archive dialog box shows. Select “Archive this folder and all subfolders” and select a folder to archive. If you wish to archive all your correspondence, select the node with your email address at the first.

Now click the “Archive items older than” drop-down list to select the newest date for substances to be archived. A calendar pops up. Select a date in the present month by clicking on the date or scroll to a different month to choice a date. All matters older than the particular date will be archived.

If you want to archive matters that are not set to archive spontaneously using AutoArchive, select the “Include items with “AutoArchive” checked” check box.

After doing the same, now click on the “Browse” button if you want to modify the location where the archive file will be kept and the name of the archive file. From here, click OK when you have made your choices.

Notice that all the email communications you selected to archive are not accessible any longer in the main .pst file. The archived .pst file must become accessible routinely in Outlook. Though, if it doesn’t, click the “File” tab.

In the left side of the blue panel “Account Information” screen, click on “Open & Export.”

And, on the “Open” screen, click “Open Outlook Data File.”

The “Open Outlook Data File” dialog box opens. Now steer to the location where you protected the archived .pst file, select it, and click OK.

In the left pane of the main Outlook Mail window, a unit called “Archives” shows and the emails you archived are accessible.

Archiving email can assist you keep your emails prearranged, making it easier to find older emails and to keep your inbox and files orderly.